Notes on accessibility

Pillnitz Palace & Park can comfortably be visited by wheelchair users. This is facilitated by:

  • 3 wheelchair elevators at the Palaces and in the Palm House
  • walkways in Pillnitz Park that are easy to move on
  • only a few inclinations in the paths in the Park
  • the Visitor Center to be accessed freely

In the museum, there are a few thresholds (of about 2 inches).

Unfortunately, the Palace Kitchen in the basement of the New Palace is not freely accessible for people with disabilities.

The flight of stairs at the Hillside Palace can only be accessed from the Elbe River cycle path coming up river from downtown Dresden. From the Lilac Courtyard, a historical staircase prevents unhindered access.

Die Schlossküche im Untergeschoss des Neuen Palais  ist leider nicht barrierefrei zugänglich.

Exclusive guided tours for people with dementia and their family

Guided tour of Pillnitz Park for people with dementia »Key to one’s mind. Experience culture – despite dementia!«

During this tour, people with dementia, their family or assisting persons can experience various areas of the Pillnitz Park by addressing their senses. With the help of small objects and plants, bridges are built between the different spheres of perception. By targeted stimulation of the senses, they will immerse into the courtly culture and the environment of the Pillnitz Park.

Time: all year round
Duration: 1 – 1.5 h
Fee: EUR 60.00 (max. 20 people, including max. 10 people with dementia)


Do you have any other questions? We will be pleased to help you with any individual advice.

+49 (0) 351 26 13-260

We also provide

  • parking for people with disabilities
  • stepless access or ramps
  • min. 35 inches wide doors
  • restrooms for wheelchair users in the Palace Museum and at »Pillnitzer Platz« carpark
  • wheelchair for rent

Accessibility in Saxony

Accessibility in Saxony

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